This is a basic overview of the game's setting: the Galaxy of Star Wars.

Time Period

The game opens shortly after the Battle of Endor, and IC time is measured by the Republic in years "After the Battle of Yavin" (ABV), which is marked as a major turning point in Galactic history. The Galactic Empire still often references Galactic Imperial Year, marking the opening of the game at year 23 of the Empire's existence. The oldest calendar still presently observed is the Coruscant Standard Calendar, marked from the ancient Treaty of Coruscant, and by its reckoning the game opens in the year 3657. To see our game's canon cutoff and history, please read NEWS HISTORY.

Major Game Locations

The main setting of the game is the planet Mandalore. Other significant locations include:

  • None so far

The Galaxy

A vast array of characters, events, and locations from the canonical Star Wars Galaxy are also applicable to our game theme, but we will not attempt to holistically reproduce that content here. Wookieepedia is an excellent source for general Galactic information, and we heartily recommend it, but please consult with game staff before bringing in new elements, as we may want to orient them to our particular reflection of the Star Wars Galaxy.

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